RoboGrrl XRXR

One of the wonderful things about social media is that it’s a quick and easy way to connect people with similar interests. Robogrrl introduced herself on Fembot Central and I was taken with her immediately. She’s a multitalented entertainer from Chicago who I first noticed in a short clip, done up in silver checking out […]

Sarah Salt

Every once in awhile this community gets lucky when it comes to having a new provider dip their toes into the world of fembot fetish. As I’ve mentioned in other posts around this site, this is a genre that is tough for a new producer to get right but that is exactly what Sarah does! […]

CeCe Couture

This is going to be a bit of a different showcase today. CeCe is a bit of a different content provider so that makes sense. She doesn’t have a traditional storefront from which she peddles her wares. She makes custom content for her fans. There is no reselling of content, each piece is individually tailored […]

Posing & Movement

These are a couple of the factors that can really make a video stand out for me. As always, these are just my personal preferences and I’m making a conscious effort to not post things that I don’t care for and denigrate them because I know that some of those things are exactly what others […]

Angela Sommers

Angela Sommers. There was a time a few years back when Angela was releasing fembot and living doll videos fairly regularly and I was in heaven. As you’ll see not only does Angela play a convincing doll but she is absolutely stunning in the looks department. A former Penthouse Pet who is as sweet as […]

Carolina Weber (Elena)

Visit Carolina in her chatroom at LiveJasmin here If you want someone who can nail that really fluid mechanical movement and looks gorgeous doing it then look no further. Carolina has been a personal favorite for a long time now as you can see by her many photosets she has allowed me to share on […]