Video Spotlight: Service Call


Having just featured Diana Knight last week I was hesitant to make another post about a new production from her so soon. The purpose of this page is to showcase a variety of talented actresses/models/studios and phone sex operators. However, it’s also here to highlight the fantastic work done by these producers and to not post my take on this video in a timely fashion would be doing everyone a disservice.

My previous favorite from Diana had been a video entitled Dianabot…or Not which I mentioned in the piece I posted last week. It was based off of a suggestion I had sent to Diana and included most of the original dialogue I had written. Now of course I was going to be partial to that one, I helped create it, it was a little bit of me, right? Well let me tell ya, friends and neighbors, this new production included everything I wanted to express and then improved upon it a thousand times over. The script, the acting, the choice of models and it should be pointed out, the idea, all melded together into an amazing video. The general consensus on the discussion board was that this is one of the best robot fetish videos that has been produced specifically for us. The only drawback seeming to be that the sound effects were maybe a bit too frequent and loud compared to the overall volume. I’d add that I felt that the video quality while the cameraman was moving suffered a little bit with some blurry frames until a static shot could be reestablished. But those are minor inconveniences in what was overall an amazing production. I’m not going to name the writer/idea man without his permission but he’s a regular member at Fembot Central and at the very least I owe him a big THANK YOU for having this made.

Diana was her wonderful, robotic self in her role as a technician sent to service the gorgeous, malfunctioning Kendra James fembot. ~Spoiler~ The “twist” here is that Diana is a robot herself. One of the oldest “surprises” in our book I suppose but it’s still one of my favorites. The moment the “sleeper” is shown to be a gynoid gets me every time. One of the most significant things about this video is Kendra’s portrayal of the glitchy robobabe who requires Diana’s services. Miss James is no stranger to us, having taken on the role of the sexy robot in numerous videos for a multitude of producers. Her performance has always been solid and she does the blank, vacant, faraway stare of a broken bot as well as any actress I’ve seen. The difference this time though is that she infuses this ‘bot with that sense of mechanical failure throughout the entire clip, not just here and there. Her movements, dialogue and overall demeanor are all a step above her usual performance and that’s saying something because she’s definitely one of our favorites.

The story isn’t groundbreaking but what it does do is deliver a foundation for the inclusion of a lot of “little things” that make for a great video.

– Broken fembot? Check

– Sexy repair tech to work on broken fembot? Check

– Sexy repair tech also happens to be a fembot who also malfunctions? Check

– Lot’s of technobabble from malfunctioning bots? Check

– Intimate moments from said fembots? Check

– Special video and audio effects that add to the overall illusion? Check

This is the story I wish I had written and had made. For me, it’s going to be extremely difficult for someone to top this video in terms of story, acting, attractiveness of talent, movement…just about everything. Kudos to Diana and Kendra for knocking it out of the park and to the writer/customer who had this made.

You can buy Service Call here

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