Fembot Fridays @ Hypnolust

Continuing on with my theme of featuring some of the older clips at Hypnolust, I wanted to include this classic. Another one of the bright examples of what was to come from Frank and Lana, this segment features the beautiful and talented Megan Jones and the equally magnificent Nikki Brooks. Both ladies have a strong handle on the their roles here. The premise is that both girls are at an audition to work for Frank but he can only hire one of the two beauties. Sabotage is the order of the day as both bots try to incapacitate the other so that they can “win” the job.

The robotic acting in this clip is well above average with Megan turning in the stronger performance in that category but Nikki is no slouch either. It should be noted that Nikki has been back several times since this segment was recorded and she has really honed her performance in regards to portraying a fembot. If you’ve seen the recent update with her and Jen Capone, you know what I mean. I’m a really big believer that dialogue can make or break a clip and it really helps make this one. It looks like a lot of it is improvised, I could be wrong, but the ladies make it work in the context of the scene.

Another thing I should mention is the outfits. I love, love, love, shiny, sparkly, stretchy, smooth fabric and each girl is outfitted in one variation or another. The bikini Megan wears…tres magnifique! There’s a little bit of lesbian action towards the end, again most of it is implied as usual but it does add to the overall appeal of the video. Malfunctions abound in this one as well as shutdowns and start ups. I’d love to see these two paired up again in a future.


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