Kendra James – Dual Robot Breakdown

Kendra James – Dual Robot Breakdown

I should start off by telling you that this is my very first Kendra James custom video. I am biased. If you’re a fan of Kendra and her fembot style then you’re probably going to enjoy this video. Lots of malfunctions, a couple of outfit changes and a nice bit of special effects towards the end.

The story begins with a deactivated Kendra unit about to receive her programming for an upcoming video commissioned by one of Kendra’s customers. Ms. James has had some android replicas of herself designed and assembled to help lighten some of her workload as business has been booming.

Kendra receives her orders and sets about getting made up and changed out of her bodysuit that the androids are clothed in when not on assignment. She strips and puts on a nice pink lingerie set that compliments her makeup and skin tone quite nicely. Unfortunately for her, not long after that the malfunctions start to kick in. Switching between a pre-programmed human personality mode and her natural robotic persona, this Kendra unit automatically reboots her systems.

With that small hiccup out of the way the android attempts to carry on with her task. She starts off with some dirty talk while seductively teasing us (Kendra is especially sexy here). However as she starts to strip for us she glitches again and has to install a patch to repair herself. This causes her to start the whole process from the beginning.

Kendra’s CPU core temperature is running critically high and she ends up completely shutting down during a very erotic masturbation session. Ms. James has heard about her android’s continuous malfunctions and walks in to find her shut down on the couch. She runs a quick diagnostic on the fembot and sends her to be repaired.

She decides that she’ll just have to do the job the robot couldn’t but as she’s working out a solution to her problem Ms. James begins to malfunction herself.

I left this one a little bit open ended in case I wanted to do a sequel. Does the real Kendra show up and find a way to fix her robots? Are these Kendra dolls even owned by Ms. James?

Rating: 4 out 5 stars

Story: I came up with the story and a loose version of what the script eventually came to be. It’s basically just a showcase for Kendra to do her robot thing.

Talent: Kendra is gorgeous here but when isn’t she? She nails her lines and commits to the character. She’s professional and delivers a performance that is just what I wanted.

But Can She Robot?: In my opinion Kendra is one of the absolute best. Great blank stares throughout (by request). She gets caught in repeating loop malfunctions, gets reset and rebooted, contends that she’s not a robot and freezes up and shuts down completely. She ran the gamut of the little kinks I asked her to and did so wonderfully.

So Why Not A Perfect Rating?: I’ll be honest, it was just about perfect in every way that I asked for. My only real nitpick is the final blank stare at the end. And it’s my fault not hers. I had meant to specify that her head be tilted down and she would be staring blankly at a point on the floor across the room. I didn’t specify that. My description above probably would not have been very helpful anyway. I guess a picture might help you see what I was aiming for:

Kendra James & Angela Sommers in Service Call

That’s what I was trying to express. I mean she could be looking right at you but not be seeing you. And she does it so well. I’m not going to ding Kendra for something I didn’t communicate to her. I’m just going to leave a perfect 5 out 5 for those ultra rare and elusive videos that have it all. Does such a video exist in my eyes? I think so, we’ll talk about it and what I think a video has to consist of to be “perfect”. This won’t be the last time Kendra’s name comes up in that discussion. In the meantime…this one is pretty close to it.

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