Had Potential…

but didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted. The following pics were commissioned 6 or 7 years ago. I had just thought of the idea of paying amateur models for content that I could post publicly with their consent.

I found ExtraLunchMoney.com and was interested in one of the ways you could order custom work. You fill out a request for what you want and how much you want to pay for it and it gets posted and models who are interested reply to you and then you work out the details through 1 on 1 messaging. When I first started doing this I wasn’t specific in my requests. I’d say “25 pics of you posed like a mannequin or robot” and leave it up to their interpretation of what that meant. Pretty vague in retrospect. Their idea of what I was asking of them was just different than what I expected. Like I’ve said elsewhere, they aren’t mindreaders. I’m much more specific when ordering now.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of pics that I didn’t put up on the original blog. I’m not going to put names to faces as this is just an example of why you should be specific in your requests.

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