Roleplay Goddess – Robot Secretary Sex Doll

Roleplay Goddess – Robot Secretary Sex Doll

I am very excited to write about this one. I always ask permission of the artists you see on this blog before I write a review or post anything about them and I just got the go ahead from Roleplay Goddess to do so.

As this little longer than 11 minute video opens we see RG hard at work, bent over her desk focusing on the task at hand and taking care of business. She looks amazing in her tight black skirt and matching top. After answering the phone in a perfect blend of slightly robotic speech with a soft speaking voice and just a hint of an accent we get the impression that this secretary isn’t quite human.

She’s a very efficient machine as she goes about her duties of answering phones and entering data, she recovers from the occasional glitch in her software pretty quickly.

However the trouble (real fun?) starts after she accidentally drops some papers on the floor. She gathers them up easily enough but on rising she bangs her head on the keyboard that was hanging over the edge of the desk.

I want to point out that Goddess’s style here is somewhat unique. It’s kind of a hybrid between an android and a animatronic figure. It’s very effective and executed brilliantly. I don’t know if she has experience in acting this part or if she just nailed it right out of the chute. Her mannerisms with the way she tilts her head or crosses an eye are on point. It’s good guys and gals. Really good. And I am here for all of it.

It seems the bonk on the noggin has reverted our secretary to her old programming and she’s very interested in satisfying all of her boss’ requests and even suggests some things she could help out with on her own.

She slowly continues to glitch and malfunction, lots of twitches and glitches and eye crossing and finger sucking until she eventually shuts down at the end. The boss is gonna have to get her repaired but was it ever fun watching her go.

I’ll be completely honest here you guys, I love this producer. She ticks all the right boxes for me in her performance here and if you like what you see I would feel comfortable recommending this as an introduction to Roleplay Goddess. I say introduction because she has been working on a couple of customs for me since I purchased this one from her store. I have received 1 of them already (it is amazing and the turnaround was like 1 week!) and I placed the order for the other one earlier today. I’ll be reviewing both as they are released to the public.

Roleplay Goddess on ManyVids

I am very excited to have her a part of this fetish community, she’s beautiful and talented and also a very kind and gracious individual.

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