Diana Knight

Diana Knight was a fan favorite in the fembot fetish community for several years until she retired recently. She’s still revered as one of the all time greats. I never had a chance to order a custom from Diana but she used a few of my ideas and script suggestions for Masters & Servants, A Night At Stepfords and Dianabot…or Not.

Illegal Upgrades (not listed)

If anyone knows of titles missing from this compilation let me know in the comments and I’ll see if it’s still available for sale and list it here.

3 thoughts on “Diana Knight

  1. Wow!.. what is there not to say about Diana. Very versatile, committed and convincing andr! talented actresses. I had several videos made through her and one of very few actresses who had the knowledge early on how to pose the “hands” when in character mode. Love her!

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    1. She will always have a spot at the top for me. If we could bottle what she brought to each video she produced and spread it around the content would be amazing. Hope she’s doing well in retirement, she’s earned it.


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