Kendra James

A lot of you who know me probably guessed this one was coming next. Kendra is just as beloved by many of us here as Diana is and her back catalogue is just as impressive. The fact that they have co-starred with one another as fembots in the same video on more than one occasion is just the icing on the proverbial cake. Kendra has created 2 customs for me to date and hopefully there are many more in the future. Here’s what she has made for us as a community in her career with links to where you can get your own copies (of the videos, not Kendra).

Releases Kendra Has Appeared in For Other Studios

Kendra The Remote Controlled Robot

These are just the videos where Kendra plays an android. She has several more where she plays with her own fembots as well. Fembots aren’t the only roles she’s known for either. She has a huge following in the Superheroine fetish community and is a skilled Femdom Mistress as well. You can check out all of her many varied roles here. If you want to order your own custom video (fembot or not) you can visit her page here.

Kendra’s fembot catalogue is extensive. You’re bound to find something that suits your tastes.

2 thoughts on “Kendra James

  1. Definitely an amazing and convincing mannequin and robot actress. She has a fun seriousness about her and one of the classics in this genre

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    1. A lot of varied tastes in this fetish but for me Kendra is a mainstay. I love her style, her look and just the aesthetic she brings to every clip she makes for us.


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