What Makes This Fetish Great? (…for me anyway)

It’s become a bit of a running joke on the message boards pertaining to fembot productions that no two of us share the exact same interests when it comes to this fetish. There’s overlap for sure but everyone has something just a bit different they like to see their fembots do or say in a video or mp3 that takes it from mild to wild for them. I’m no different. I have my favorites. One of those favorites and for all I know I might be the only one who feels this way because I’ve never actually heard anyone agree with me, out loud anyway, is the blank stare.

Why? I wish I knew. It just ticks that box ya know? Like a lot of things with this interest, there’s a lot of nuance and the difference between an amazing blank stare and an actress just looking in a random direction can be pretty small if you don’t particularly care. If I had to guess why it’s such a turn on and can make a performance go from meh to yeah!, I’d say it really pushes that uncanny valley aspect a little further than what we already ask them to do. Yes, she’s deactivated or shorted out but seeing her staring at a fixed point, unblinking, like she’d look right through you if you stood in front of her really sells the illusion of artificiality. I imagine this is a thing in the hypno community to really sell the mesmerization aspect but since I’m not really a hypno guy I can’t say for certain. There are other things like this that serve to further that sense that your favorite actress is a machine in a video that I’ll touch on in later installments.

The great thing thing about the blank stare is that it’s not that difficult to pull off. Sure, they may need to practice it but it doesn’t take any innate talent to do properly. There are definitely some skills that take years of practice to perfect and perform properly. This isn’t one of them. I imagine a mirror and 30 minutes would get you well on your way to nailing this particular look. I also imagine most don’t even need to practice at all, it’s just a matter of being able to communicate to them what I want clearly. This is an easy one, especially if the model is unsure of her performance.

In these galleries you’ll see several examples of what I consider to be top tier blank stares. If you’re a producer and/or model reading this and looking for ideas I hope the examples provided give you some inspiration. I’ll be adding to these galleries as time allows but here’s a pretty solid selection to start us off. The next installment in this series will focus on posing and movement. Thanks for reading.

If you have a favorite something and an example of who does it well, let me know in the comments. Let’s hear those suggestions. I have it on good authority that several models and producers read this blog so let them know what you really want to see.

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