Kim Coquette

“Wonderful first time call. Kim took the time to get to know and understand what I wanted without wasting my time. Creative and intelligent with a very sexy voice as well. Looking forward to more interactions with this amazing flirt.” This was my first review of Kim on her Niteflirt listing. Dated October 14, 2014 it was the beginning of what would become an amazing journey down a path of fun and fantasy I had no idea existed in the realm of phone sex.

“I can’t even begin to describe just how perfect this call was. The level of detail involved was mind blowing. Incredibly smart and sexy, Kim had me in her thrall from the get go. This is my go to Flirt from here on out.” This was my second, a day later. I know that I tend to heap praise on providers who do my fantasy justice but Kim does more than do it justice, she sets the benchmark. And yes, she’s still my go to Flirt. I can’t stress enough how incredible she is with this fetish.

Kim doesn’t do video and while she does offer manipulated photos to make her appear robotic (and if that’s your thing she has some for sale on her Goodies page) the main draw for Ms. Coquette these days are her mp3 offerings. Not that you shouldn’t call her live if you find her available, it’s just not easy to find her available. Like many producers and many of us, we take side gigs to supplement our income. I don’t know much about Kim personally (and I don’t pry) but I know she works full time in another industry. If she’s half as talented there as she is doing this then her employers have to be overjoyed. Her availability to man the phones is limited and honestly, if you find her on she’s probably going to be on a call already unless you get extremely lucky. She is in high demand and for good reason.

So that brings me to the mp3’s. Specifically her fembot mp3’s. I wish I could explain to those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing one of these treasures just how effective this medium can be. Kim scratches that itch better than 95% of the videos I own and I own a lot of videos, with only audio as her weapon.

She has honed her K.I.M. character (Kinetic Intimacy Machine for those who are curious) who stars in many of her productions to “the perfect robotic companion and sex toy” over the years and she’s a masterpiece. The production quality and sound fx are effective and often quite complex and serve to make the audio plays that much more immersive. The storylines are unique and outrageously creative and the dialogue is superb. She often times plays multiple characters with the range of an actual trained voice actress. Lines are executed flawlessly and with emotion (unless she’s doing her monotone or semi-monotone voice) you’d expect from a higher end producer. She malfunctions as well as anyone in the business and frankly may actually be the best for my money.

She offers a range of fembot styles in her recordings and points out what you’re getting in the descriptions. If you travel to her listing and look towards the upper right of her page, you’ll see a tab that says Goodies. That’s what you want to click to go to her store where she lists her mp3’s. She has dozens listed from her most recent all the way back to her first. Whether you enjoy a more full on “I AM A ROBOT” type of mechanical lady or a more human like approach where your android reveals her nature in more unexpected ways or somewhere in between Kim has you covered. Extremely well covered. There’s a lot of variety and all of it is great. And while quantity has slowed while Kim attends to other things the quality of these treats continues to break new barriers.

I hope Kim continues to make content and offer her services for as long as she enjoys doing so. Her contributions to our community have been priceless .

You can visit Kim’s Niteflirt listing here.

“5 stars. K.I.M. always delivers. Very fortunate to have had her around this long. By far the best fembot experience on NF.” This was my most recent feedback from April 2020. I still call when I can after 6+ years.

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