Angela Sommers

Angela Sommers. There was a time a few years back when Angela was releasing fembot and living doll videos fairly regularly and I was in heaven. As you’ll see not only does Angela play a convincing doll but she is absolutely stunning in the looks department. A former Penthouse Pet who is as sweet as they come, Angela has been making content for us for several years. While the production seems to have stopped recently she is still active on social media and producing content outside of this genre. We might just need a well timed custom for her to be right back in the spotlight. Whether or not she makes anything else for us, she has cemented herself as an all time favorite. Check out her store when you get the chance.

Like everything on this blog the opinions expressed here are mine but honestly if Angela isn’t in your top 5 for freeze/blank stare content then I need to check out your top 5 because if Angela isn’t tops she runs a very close second for me. I’m still waiting to hear back from the other model in the running before I post her content so we can contrast and compare. Angela is another one of those producers who I feel we are/were genuinely very lucky to have make content for us. It’s some of the best available.

You can visit Angela’s Clips4Sale store here or her website here.

Links to all of Angela’s sites here

3 thoughts on “Angela Sommers

  1. Hey everyone, I’ve been working with Angela on some new content. She is still accepting custom requests although she has been focused on her OF and personal website content over the past few months. She has 2 or 3 completed clips she previously produced for me that she plans on uploading to C4S over the next few months. I recently commissioned 4 new freeze/fembot/doll projects with her, the first she’ll be shooting next week so there will be new content coming.

    And completely agree, she is my #1 as she has captured the blank stare look like no one else, although there are others who are a close second. Just a pleasure to work with and produces high quality clips.

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  2. Hey everyone, Angela just posted a new clip she and I worked on, “Only Angiebot part 1 “ . Check it out and be on the lookout for “Only Angiebot part 2” in the coming weeks !!


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