SpaciLaci1 – Simon Says and Robot Fantasy Doll Does

Visit SpaciLaci1 at ManyVids here

I love seeing new fembot releases from producers who haven’t made one before. This one should appeal to those who like their fembot’s speech a little more monotone. Laci stars as very naughty fantasy robot doll who follows her orders from Simon to the letter (I mean that’s how the game is played, right?). The story is a vehicle for what turns out to be a very hot and intense masturbation session for the Laci doll. I enjoyed Laci’s efforts here, it’s not easy to get this genre correct if you aren’t familiar with it. I feel like Laci has a strong foundation for this type of thing and some feedback from fans would help her hone this character into something that we all look forward to seeing on a regular basis. She’s also a very warm and receptive person who was so friendly when I approached her about listing the video. If you have a moment give her store a visit.

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