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This was my first commission from Roleplay Goddess and it will probably lead to a lot more. She has what I love about this fetish wrapped up. She’s absolutely gorgeous, she has a unique way of portraying a robot that does it for me every time, she listens to my suggestions and incorporates them into her performance and she’s extremely nice in my interactions with her.

I should start off by telling you that I can’t write dialogue to save my life. I can come up with ideas well enough or lean on some tried and true classics anyway. It always sounds cringey when I read back to myself what I wrote for the characters though so Goddess wrote or improvised the bits and pieces of dialogue you hear the doll use throughout the video and I love it, I can’t take credit for it but I love it. Goddess slides into her character with ease. I’ve only ever had her play a robot/doll for me so far but on her customs page she says she can be anything you want her to be. I fully believe this statement now.

The premise was a simple one. We’ve been gone at work all day and we’ve left Goddess, our robotic companion at home as we usually do to complete her daily chores and assignments. Unfortunately Goddess has been in need of maintenance and repairs for a long time now and she’s just not working right. In fact she had shut down completely and rebooted herself so that she’s available for us when we come home.

I chose the 30 minute option when I ordered this video and wanted it to be a showcase of Goddess’ abilities to bring this character to life, in a manner of speaking. I asked her to start off malfunctioning and just let them get worse as the video progressed. Holy crow did she deliver. It’s a glitchfest all the way through.

I was completely taken by the way she was able to cross her eyes in the previous fembot video. The way she does it, sometimes only one eye being affected (even hotter!) just lends itself to this kind of video so well. I didn’t even really have a thing for crossed eyes, although I do kinda like this ahegao craze that seems so popular lately, until I saw that video. Now…now I kinda need it. It’s a fantastic look for a glitched out fembot and Goddess does it perfectly throughout.

I should also mention her voice. It is soft, inviting and seductive while at the same time maintaining that Alexa or Siri quality to it. Like Alexa’s sexy sister or Siri’s seductive best friend. It makes her character so much more desirable here. The pitch of her voice never approaches anything close to annoying when she malfunctions. It’s an acceptable volume level all the way through, even during some of her malfunctions.

There isn’t any nudity in this one and that was my choice. I wanted a sexy outfit that was revealing but not showing everything. I mean you don’t want your high end sex robot answering the door for the FEDUPS guy with everything just hanging out. Clothing and makeup were on point here. She’s also wearing a blonde wig that works so well with this character. I have this vision of the wig getting skewed in a future video so it doesn’t sit on her head like it’s supposed to but she doesn’t notice and thinks everything is fine. I’ve got a million different ideas for Goddess and can’t wait to tell them all to her. She’s always ready to make something new for me. She works hard on these and cranks them out in a little over a week. Once you see the quality and editing on one of her videos that one week from getting the story to handing off the video is going to sound a lot more impressive.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before but Goddess is from Poland. Neat! Her English is perfect, she’s been studying it for a long time and she shared with me that it is one of her passions. I mention it because while her English is fantastic, the accent that it comes with is, well for lack of a better word here, adorable. It’s endearing in a way where you want to just wrap her up and ask her if there’s anything she needs…anything at all.

Bonus Fun Fact*: Robot is a Czech word for servitude and was first used in a play by Czech playwright, Karel Čapek (Rossum’s Universal Robots). The word, which also has cognates in German, Russian, Polish and Czech, was a product of the central European system of serfdom by which a tenant’s rent was paid for in forced labor or service. Now obviously the word has taken on new connotations, at least out west here but I thought it was an interesting tidbit.

* source: “The Origin of the Word Robot”

I don’t know what else to say, honestly. This video was exactly what I asked for and she delivered on everything. I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m gonna be ordering custom videos from Goddess until she either retires or gets sick of me asking for robot smut. She’s that rare find that we get blessed with occasionally and I’m not taking her for granted like I did with a couple of other amazing performers who are not in the scene anymore. So I’m gonna buy her stuff, commission custom videos and post about her anytime she releases something even remotely on topic. She’s an instant favorite and she’ll be getting a spot in the Showroom after a few more videos to beef up her profile.

And you guys want to know something else? As great as this video is, the next one is even better. I don’t know what the release schedule is for that one but I’ve watched it or parts of it at least, every single day since I’ve received it. And as we gravitate towards our 3rd collaboration Goddess is acquiring some new outfits that work well within the fembot theme as well as taking a look at some media that may alter her physical approach to her android’s movements. She’s amazing and I am so grateful for her. Visit her store and see if there’s something she can create for you.

You can check out all of Roleplay Goddess’ treats here and here.

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