CeCe Couture

This is going to be a bit of a different showcase today. CeCe is a bit of a different content provider so that makes sense. She doesn’t have a traditional storefront from which she peddles her wares. She makes custom content for her fans. There is no reselling of content, each piece is individually tailored to your needs and not re-sold. This can be pricey for people used to paying about a buck a minute for pre-made content so her services aren’t for everyone. That being said…HOLY SHIT!!!

I came across CeCe after she responded to an ad I had placed on one of the subreddits for purchasing adult content. I had several responses to that ad and had placed an order with just about anyone who responded. When I received CeCe’s response and looked at her profile I was sold. You know how some women look really cute and really hot at the same time? Amp that up by 100% with CeCe. She’s also an absolute sweetheart. I can’t stress enough how nice it is to deal with somebody who wants to give their customer a great experience and then delivers upon that.

I’m cropping photos and screenshots here by her request but her Reddit page showcases that beautiful, lightly freckled face. She’s got curves in all the right places and she doesn’t mind showing you, as you can plainly see. It’s not just her body or her face either, she really wants to make you happy and she goes above and beyond to make that happen. I fully believe she’s one of those unicorns we get lucky enough to stumble upon from time to time here in our community. So much so, that I’ve committed to having her make more content for me down the road. Obviously pricing varies by request but my initial video was 12 minutes long and I paid somewhere in the ballpark of $10/minute and boys, that’s a bargain for what I received at twice the price!

Let’s talk ability shall we? Now ordinarily it’s a crap shoot when ordering content from a new provider who has no previous knowledge of our fetish. I never expect anything amazing right out of the gates in these situations. The fact that she’s getting a spot in the showcase should tell you everything you need to know about that. Her movement needs a little work but with some exposure to the right media I have no doubt that she’ll have it down in no time flat. That’s my list of criticisms, that’s it. Everything else is money!

Her malfunctions are measured, not the over the top flailing we tend to see a lot of around here. Her cadence when speaking robotically is almost as smooth as her voice. Her transitions from human mode to fembot are beautifully done. And her dialogue, which was completely her doing btw, is what dreams are made of. Finally, that brings me to the blank stares and head tilts. If she did nothing else well in my custom (and she does everything well) except these two things, I’d still be raving about her. You can see a little bit of the head tilt but if you could see the eyes… She has this down pat. I’m a sucker for this particular bit of the fetish and frankly it’s what hooked me in the first place.

I don’t know how many of you here will take the plunge on a custom with her without having seen her work, all I can say is that if you do, you’ll know exactly what I mean. CeCe is amazing!

(Just to head this off at the pass…I won’t share any more than what CeCe has given me permission to share already.)

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