Sarah Salt

Every once in awhile this community gets lucky when it comes to having a new provider dip their toes into the world of fembot fetish. As I’ve mentioned in other posts around this site, this is a genre that is tough for a new producer to get right but that is exactly what Sarah does! I’ll spare you my “Stone Cold Lock of the Century of the Week” short list of performers with the caveat that Sarah now resides on said list.

Call or connect with Sarah here (make sure to check out her Goodies!)

Looking back over our early communications, she had some trepidation and wasn’t sure she could deliver what it was I was looking for in the way that I wanted. I think she was just being humble. Right out of the gate, Sarah had this genre completely figured out as far as I was concerned. First thing you will notice about Sarah is her voice. Warm and inviting with an almost natural ability to swaddle you in comfort. She’s brilliant and quick witted in a way that puts you at ease, knowing you’re going to be understood and taken care of. She uses the pitch of her sensual, silky voice in combination with some light sound effects to create an amazing experience (especially with headphones!) that can immerse you in the story if you end up as relaxed as I do when I listen to her. She also has an uncanny ability to weave the right amount of techno into the sexual at the just the right moment. I really can’t recommend her enough, even if you aren’t a phone sex type of person, I think she might change your mind. Great storyteller!

Sarah currently has 10 mp3’s for sale (as well as a non fembot themed video and photo set which you might want to check out as well!). Give her a call or chat with her to see about bringing your own fantasy to life.

Here’s a sampling of what she has to offer

1950’s Housewife Striptease & Malfunction

  • This robotic housewife aims to please, but she is sorely in need of a software update! On her way to perform a striptease for her husband, she glitches many times, including switching from default to emotionless mode, repetition of words, pitch and pace errors, and more! Keywords: fembot, cyborg, robosexual, technosexual, glitch, malfunction, robot, roleplay, asfr

Robot Girlfriend Tease

  • Sarah doesn’t know she’s not actually a robot, so she thinks she is playing pretend for her boyfriend when he gets home from work! Fembot, ASFR, technosexual, gynoid, cyborg, robot, gfe, roleplay, glitching, malfunctioning

Fembot Disassembly Sex

  • Fembot Sarah encounters fembot Skylar in pieces in the workshop, and just can’t help herself. Robot, fembot, cyborg, gynoid, disassembly, asfr, dollification, technosexual (Sarah does 2 girl recordings with her wonderful friend Skylar on occasion!)

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