RoboGrrl XRXR

One of the wonderful things about social media is that it’s a quick and easy way to connect people with similar interests. Robogrrl introduced herself on Fembot Central and I was taken with her immediately. She’s a multitalented entertainer from Chicago who I first noticed in a short clip, done up in silver checking out at a drugstore. Didn’t know who it was at the time but I was thrilled to find out it was her. Turns out she’s super friendly and loves to create content for us. She’s not shy when it comes to showing off her assets either and man, she is stacked!

RoboGrrl XRXR releases photos and video on a site called Bentbox, which is a new platform for most of us here. It’s simple to use and payment is a breeze. She has 6 boxes available as of this posting but she’s always adding new material. This is the type of content that I personally look for. She has the talent and ability and loads of creativity, she’s got a great personality and is extremely friendly and she loves what she does.

I’ve spoken with her briefly over the last few months and she has given me permission to post some photos and screen grabs here. I’ll be ordering content from her for as long as she’s willing to make it. Do yourself a favor and check her out on Bentbox. Send her a message and order your own custom video or photoset, you’ll be glad you did.

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