EliMarie 717 V

This is EliMarie717’s fifth session she shot for me some time ago. As I’ve mentioned previously she is an absolute gem of a person. Generous with her talents and time, I imagine I’ll continue to order custom photos and videos from her until she simply doesn’t want to do it anymore. If you haven’t picked […]

Janey Jones

Janey had her own style and way of doing things as you can see from her photos. My only request when I would buy sets from models was that they give me their interpretation of what they thought I’d want to see in a sexy robot. I lost touch with Janey a long time ago […]

Failed Promo Video

I remember that I contacted Tabitha (Tabby in the video), an American woman living in the UK on Fiverr about making a welcome video for the blog. She was extremely nice and very much into the idea (and pretty jacked too!) so we moved forward. She did pretty well for a first timer, unfortunately the […]