Added Some Functionality…

While waiting to do some content updates I added a couple of widgets to the sidebar. You can now use the search function as well as the Google translate widget if English isn’t your first language. Seems to have a pretty comprehensive list of languages, how well the translations work is anybody’s guess. The sidebar […]

A Brief Word About Customs

I have been buying custom photos, audio and video for several years now. It’s the perfect way to have your fantasy brought to life on your entertainment medium of choice. It can also be a little pricey depending on your situation. When I started purchasing customs I tended to stick with producers who weren’t “stars” […]


Welcome to Super Sexy SciFi Sirens. I’m just a guy with a kink for sexy robots and other varieties of living dolls. I wanted to put together a site that promotes the actresses, models and producers in the fetish world who make my fantasies come to life. I hope to bring you reviews of some […]