Carolina Weber (Elena)

Visit Carolina in her chatroom at LiveJasmin here If you want someone who can nail that really fluid mechanical movement and looks gorgeous doing it then look no further. Carolina has been a personal favorite for a long time now as you can see by her many photosets she has allowed me to share on […]

Kim Coquette

“Wonderful first time call. Kim took the time to get to know and understand what I wanted without wasting my time. Creative and intelligent with a very sexy voice as well. Looking forward to more interactions with this amazing flirt.” This was my first review of Kim on her Niteflirt listing. Dated October 14, 2014 […]

EliMarie 717 V

This is EliMarie717’s fifth session she shot for me some time ago. As I’ve mentioned previously she is an absolute gem of a person. Generous with her talents and time, I imagine I’ll continue to order custom photos and videos from her until she simply doesn’t want to do it anymore. If you haven’t picked […]

Ludella Hahn

Another one of our favorites, Ludella has been making videos for us for years now and while I haven’t ordered any customs from her (she’s super busy and currently only taking about 2 customs a month) she’s produced so many high quality videos in relevant genres that everything that comes out in the robots or […]

Added Some Functionality…

While waiting to do some content updates I added a couple of widgets to the sidebar. You can now use the search function as well as the Google translate widget if English isn’t your first language. Seems to have a pretty comprehensive list of languages, how well the translations work is anybody’s guess. The sidebar […]