A Little Background…

So, what possesses a guy to make a blog dedicated to fetish based fembot content? For one thing there isn’t a whole lot of said content available. It has increased dramatically in recent years but compared to say…foot fetishists, we’re sorely lacking. So I’m hoping with a little exposure and driving traffic to the producers who cater to our fetish, we get new content, they get new customers and produce more content and so on… The circle of life!

But why robots? The easy answer is, I just like them. But I think the correct answer is a bit more complex and harder for someone who isn’t a psychologist to explain.

When I was about 5 years old, I had a babysitter during the summer as both of my parents worked. I vividly remember her taking me shopping at the mall one day. We lived in Florida at the time so it was nice to be inside the air conditioned mall after a long day riding big wheels and playing Star Wars. While walking around the mall we came across a window display that had 3 women posed as mannequins. We stopped to watch and to my utter delight they began to move…like they were machines. Very clockwork like in the style of Shields & Yarnell, a couple of popular mimes at the time. This struck a chord with me for some reason…I was fascinated! Although, not sexual at the time (I don’t believe) it made me feel funny in my tummy. I asked the babysitter if she could do that when we got home and she proceeded to vacuum the living room just like a clockwork doll, she even had me wind her up a few times! Again, more tummy tingling!!!

This attraction continued through adolescence, the fembots on the Bionic Woman, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders doing a mechanical doll routine, again at a mall, various living mannequin displays, just numerous accounts that stuck with me while growing up. Then puberty hit and it was on!

A friend had a Hustler and one of the pictorials featured a woman painted silver and a scientist holding her face panel in his hands you could see all the circuitry inside her as she lay on the table. This was from the early to mid eighties so it was definitely before photoshop but the effect was so cool.


So now I knew I was hooked, this was my…thing. I got my first girlfriend and shared my interest with her and thank whatever powers that be, she not only didn’t laugh in my face but showed genuine interest and explored it with me. We role played and watched videos with fembot content. I have a strong suspicion had she made me feel bad about my fetish, I would be very much “in the closet” about it. I’ve explored this fantasy with every woman I’ve dated since and only once did I have someone laugh at the idea. Even her curiosity got the best of her after about a week and we had a happy, healthy relationship for a few years afterwards…fembots included.

The internet has opened up a whole new avenue to those of us who enjoy this particular kink as I’m sure it has for everybody else with a unique taste in what they enjoy. A common theme on our discussion board is “I thought I was the only one who liked this stuff”. It’s nice to find others who share the same interests, especially one that might be a little more obscure. So with that in mind, having more custom content produced along with supporting some of the models who already make material for us, I’m looking to help the community grow.

So there’s a little background on my interest in ASFR. Feel free to ask a question or submit your own story if you feel like it.

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