Ludella Hahn

Another one of our favorites, Ludella has been making videos for us for years now and while I haven’t ordered any customs from her (she’s super busy and currently only taking about 2 customs a month) she’s produced so many high quality videos in relevant genres that everything that comes out in the robots or real doll categories from her is an instant buy.

Quarantine Companion

Poorly Programmed Server Bot Demo Mode

Mechanical Doll Wants to Play With You

The Freeze Lab

Fake News Anchor

Stage of Statues

Teacher’s Missing a Screw or Two

Velma & Daphne Become Frozen Dolls

Babysitter Bot

Jurassic Hahn: Fossilized

Teacher’s Pet

Velma Scared Stiff

Malfunctioning Maid Sparks Glitch in Wife

My Frozen Valentine

Velma Bot Prototype Malfunction

Faulty Wiring

All Dolled Up

Voice Activated Mayhem

And Then There Were Six

Student’s Stiffy

Frozen in a Winter Wonderland

Ludella 990 Exotic Dancer Fembot Meltdown

Mannequin Maker

The Making of Sunbathing Sex Dolls


Frozen by the Fire

Tennis Court Freeze

Public Park Timestop

Stiff Mistress

Robot Commercial Glitch

Ludella & the Philosopher’s GOLDEN Stone

Midas Camera Makes Models Gold Statues

Replacing Sleeper Bot Ludella Hahn

Art of Gold

Magician’s Trick

Human Mode Glitch


The Fetish Zone: Walking Wanda

Mind Controlled Model Bot

Mind-Controlled Model Becomes Lollipop Licking Real Doll Robot

There’s enough content on her stores alone to keep you busy for an extended weekend. It really is an embarrassment of riches and every single title is chock full of the things we all love.

I’ve had several interactions with Ludella over the years and she just might be even nicer as a person than she is talented and lovely. She’s always been generous in allowing me to post about her on the many variations of my blog and even responded to a comment I made that could have easily been construed as critical and was not only so kind in her response, she actually took the comment and said let me look at this and see what I can do. And she did. Just an all around lovely person. I’d buy from her even if she didn’t make amazing content for our interests.

2 thoughts on “Ludella Hahn

  1. One of the most talented and comedic actresses in this genre. Love her subtle style. She also makes a very believable silicone doll. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Couldn’t agree more! She has a great look for this type of content. Also an absolutely wonderful person. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her be anything but gracious to her fans. An all time favorite for sure.


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