Posing & Movement

Diana Knight

These are a couple of the factors that can really make a video stand out for me. As always, these are just my personal preferences and I’m making a conscious effort to not post things that I don’t care for and denigrate them because I know that some of those things are exactly what others love about this fetish. For me, posing is rather straight forward, very mannequin like in the positioning of the arms, wrists and hands, torso bent to some degree, legs slightly apart and usually stiff, head turned to one side or the other more often than not and that blank stare we talked about before. There are obviously thousands of combinations that work here. Usually used to denote that the model is either an android that is currently deactivated or malfunctioning as well as the obvious default for mannequin and doll scenes. A static pose isn’t too difficult to emulate most of the time but it’s not always a sure thing.

When a model or actress really “gets it” and has the pose down it is an immense turn on. What makes this even hotter? When she can be lifted, carried or posed by her co-star and still retain that look. I posted a few examples in the gallery above.

Now comes the hard part. Does she move like a machine? Well, technically most do but what I mean is “Does she look like a machine trying to appear human or does she look like a human trying to appear like a robot?”. It’s one of those small differentiations that can really make a video. Most of us hold Diana Knight in high regard when it comes to robotic movement and rightfully so, she is amazing and and actually studied dance and mime early in her career (I forget where she stated this but that information is directly from her). There are many others who do a masterful job of this on a smaller scale. Angela Sommers for instance does an amazing job of being posed and manipulated by her co-stars or cameraman. She looks like a an actual Real Doll in some of her videos and it’s fascinating to watch her work. Ludella Hahn is another one who has mastered this technique. If you haven’t had a chance to see Elena (Carolina) do a live show, I highly recommend it as her robot skills are on point. I could go on and on about the models and actresses who have certain skills that enhance their ability to effectively portray an android on video but I’ll try and do so by posting some photos so you can get an idea of where I’m going with this.

This is admittedly a very specific turn on but for me it goes a long way towards making a video great. Truthfully, less is more if the actress doesn’t have a strong robot game. A model doesn’t have to be talented at the movement aspect to make a great video but with that said if they aren’t then it’s usually better to focus less on that aspect. Perhaps it’s their voice or the way they convey dialogue. Maybe they can freeze really well or have a malfunction sequence they excel at. It’s very easy to unintentionally overact in these videos. Nuance and subtlety win the day when the skill isn’t there.

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